The Blow is Creation: MA Poetry Workshop

Ten workshops, ten approaches to writing poetry. Contemporary and historical, both open and closed, on the page and off, poetry in verse and prose including essays. Lyric research. The stanza lab, from sonnet to xenotext. Walkabout in the vale of soul-making. Poetry in the streets. Poetry as document and institutional critique. Poetry as and for performance. Writing on buses and trains, on foot and in bed. Immersed in it all the time, or opening poetry once a day, in a special place. Poems you will only show once, ever, to one person, poems to be read aloud on the BBC, and poems written by robots or bacteria. This workshop gives you permission to write in ways you’d never dare and challenges what you think you’re doing. How to get to that place where you don’t think too much, you just do it, and how what we think about affects what we do (how to stop quoting T.S. Eliot). How we help one another by learning to listen and to cut with kindness. Locating a platform for your work. Some meanings and methods of publishing. Practical instruction in book making and printing poems you don’t want to forget. Communities of production. How to be a poet plus. The poetry reading. Locate a body of work, your own poetry, by spending a long, long time with it.

the Blow is Creation
& the Twist the Nasturtium
is any one of Ourselves
And the Place of it All!
Mother Earth Alone

—Charles Olson, The Maximus Poems


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