Poem a Day Sample #2

Student ID

Needing a pass
to scan in
and out
of doors
like Broadmoor
prepares us well
for being housed
in the two-
tiered system

of elitist cages
stacked up
all the way
to the heights
of ivory towers.

Not everyone
can get in
this building,

not everyone

Sometimes, we
are allowed


Press Release

as long as
your answer
is outrage(ous)
enough, nobody
will remember
the question

so hold hands
with hysteria
and form a
ring around
the truth
to block it


3 thoughts on “Poem a Day Sample #2

  1. deirdrenicm

    Hi Raef, I really like these. The second one is so simple with a real bite at the end.
    The first one has potential for extension – ivory tower (don’t mean to be punny!)
    It sent me thinking on your Coventry Poem idea – tower block poem? waste ground poem, hoardings…….. potential to work on shape there too.


  2. raefonb Post author

    Hi Deidre. Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure how I feel about writing so simplistically, but I’ve had a lot of work this week so maybe my brain is just knackered (!) Glad you liked, maybe I need to try this reduction stuff more often.


  3. raefonb Post author

    And you make a good point about its potential to fit in with my portfolio plans, because Coventry residents blame most of the recent ‘urban renewal’ on the fact there are two universities here.



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