Here’s a small sample of poems that have always stood out for me……

-Anne sexton- ‘the truth the dead know’

-Yang Liang- ‘Where the sea stands still’

I stumbled upon Yang Liang randomly in college, and his work always fascinated me because it was so different, and one of the few poets in translation that I had read.

No need to read it all (unless you want to), the third stanza of the first version of the poem is my favourite, the succession of images always seems shocking and enlightening at the same time.

-Ted Hughes- ‘The thought fox’

-Charles Bukowski- A smile to remember & Alone with everybody





3 thoughts on “Sophie: poem selection

  1. raefonb

    This post is coming up as anonymous but I’m gonna assume Sophie… (?) I have Ted Hughes on my shelf (next to Sylvia, sacrilege!) but don’t think I included him. I’m loving that fox poem – when I was 17 I wrote a poem about a drunken encounter I had with a fox, one of the only ‘nature’ poems I managed to write that I was proud of. It was shite, of course haha, but maybe I should attempt to rewrite it… Never read any Yang Lian before, so thanks for the introduction 🙂


  2. raefonb

    Aha, the title with your name in it isn’t showing on the post for me, but the link between pages has it. Must be my laptop/Wordpress mucking about.


  3. deirdrenicm

    Sophie, thank you for the Yang Liang; it was completely new to me and I really enjoyed it. i remember being electrified by “The Thought Fox” my first English tutorial in College of Education. It had the same effect on me a few weeks ago when i read it for my mother.
    I also loved the Anne Sexton and the Charles Bukowski, had never read the latter before.



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