I tried to be concise.

Emily x

Carol Ann Duffy’s ‘Hour’ – in the words of my student Jack, ‘god, there’s loads you could say about this one, ent there?’ And this is an example of one of Duffy’s great plays on perspectives – ‘Mrs Midas’ – from The Worlds Wife.

Simon Armitage’s ‘Ten Pence Story’ – which inspired my boyfriend to make me a ring out of a Victorian shilling and ‘Mother, Any Distance’  which is a good one to write in Mother’s Day cards.

Philip Larkin refuses to let us forget that life is shit and disappointing sometimes in ‘Talking in Bed’ but at least we don’t need to be dicks about it in ‘Love, We Must Part Now’.

The first poem I learned off by heart – ‘Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost …and the second – ‘Fire and Ice’ (also by Robert Frost) ….and the third – ‘The Orange‘ by Wendy Cope.

And my favourite poem of all time – ‘Superbly Situated’ by Robert Hershon.


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  1. deirdrenicm

    Some of these are definitely on my list too – Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, an all time favourite. I love the Simon Armitage poem Mother Any Distance; it links with one on my list. Philip Larkin provided my first introduction to “grown-up” poetry, not in a school anthology or conventional anthology lying around at home.


  2. raefonb

    Do you recommend The World’s Wife, Emily? I was disappointed by Rapture, put me off CAD slightly, I felt it wasn’t up to her usual standard. But I only have that and Mean Time (annotated in multiple sixth former’s handwriting as well as my own…which means I must have nicked it from school :-s ) Realise I haven’t read enough Simon Armitage; think I got him confused with someone else or thought he was exclusively a children’s poet – my bad, so thanks. You captured well the REAL reason people love Philip Larkin, he’s the Eeyore of the poetry gang for sure, no holds barred on the human condition.

    Do you know many poems off by heart? Good news for our G&P&R open mic take-over… 😉


    1. deirdrenicm

      Re. Simon Armitage. I was lounging, listening to him reading You’re beautiful on my tablet when I realised the kitchen had gone quiet (no dinner prep being done!!!) then followed by chuckling and chortling from my somewhat significant other! Love it and have ordered a few of his books secondhand from amazon.

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  3. raefonb

    Sorry, how did I leave out the Robert Hershon one?! Very cool, can see why it’s a favourite. There’s that note of self-awareness/self-deprecation in your writing voice too 🙂



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