Poem a Day Sample

It has not been a good week for poetry. Shamefully, these are the best results of the week.

Lonely Door

I miss your music
when it rains

miss your company

in the doorway
venturing out
one arm
for a torrential

out branches
thirsting to
absorb it

but the landlord
cut you down

and I’m grateful
for fewer insects
key half-turned
in lock
but I miss
the green
miss the patter
miss the Blue Tits

miss your company


First Hendecasyllabic

[Highly doubt I’ve got the accents correct]

Look, I have a missed call from Godot and no
credit to crunch, tap-dancing on the razor’s
edge of a close shave. Late-night revision for
the test of virtue; cowardice is seeing
a brave renaissance. Got concussion from head-
banging the glass ceiling while I spouted bull
in a china shop. The mould lurking in my
margarine spells out ‘Welcome to graduate
life’; buttered the soles of my shoes so I will
always land on my feet. No mercy, Murphy’s
put me on trial and I’m courting a long
sentence, of eleven syllables at least.


2 thoughts on “Poem a Day Sample

  1. ecopoetics

    Whether or not “correct,” the hendacasyllabic exercise has brought out some fantastic energy in your writing! You should do more of these . . . If we have time in workshop, we can scan this together, see if we can get a sense of what the meters are doing to your language. This has the written density of the sonnet with the headlong energy of spoken word. The “Lonely Door” poem reminds me of Lorine Niedecker’s “My Friend Tree.” Remind me to show you the poem.

    Liked by 1 person


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