Image Poem

Deirdre Image Poem(?) (unfinished and abandoned since Monday!)
Window Blinds
Vertical blinds
bar my view,
my exit into space.
Material bars,
the fabric of my world,
my here and now.
My materialist self
contained in the room within.

Pictures hang preserved,
unchanging, untouched
by passing sunbeams.
No dustmotes dance
in yellow rays,
but lie congealed
on every surface.

Yet drawing the cord
the vista changes
as light spills in
missives from the garden.
Between those blind bars
the world waves in,
in parallel segments,
made whole in the mind.
Fabric bars can bend but
held on their tracks,
these bars are prisoners.
But, fabric cannot bar my way.


One thought on “Image Poem

  1. ecopoetics

    As I said in response to Raef’s Pongean prose poem, I feel the self, the relation to the object, is getting in the way (paradoxically) of helping the reader relate to the object, of the task of putting the self *in* the object. The “bars” threaten to become allegorical, rather than enjoying a life of their own. A simple exercise might be to try rewriting without the first-person (“my”) pronoun. Also, narrative (“drawing the cord”) and other objects (“pictures hang preserved”) complicate the task of exploring an image as (in Ezra Pound’s words) an “intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time.” Cf. “A Retrospect”:

    Can you redo this as a series of arrested “intellectual and emotional complexes”–perhaps the image of the blind, then of what lies beyond once the blind is raised?



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