An image based poem – Emily

Timelines and Tube Lines

Part of me looks ahead
to a constant thicker line,
like the Circle and Hammersmith.
Thrusting through the city
with assurance
and safety in numbers.
The undervalued pleasure
of not waiting long.

The other wonders who else
might be anticipating
your footsteps
as you make memories
that one day
she will rejoice to hear of.

I will never know how our lines
linked up with hers
as I veer away from the centre
toward the outer zones.


One thought on “An image based poem – Emily

  1. ecopoetics

    Is this your ekphrastic piece? What a fantastic idea! To write an ekphrastic poem off a map, here the inimitable map of the London Underground. I feel you are just getting started: the subtext (the other, the you, the she) remains unclear. You could do a lot more with the sensuous qualities of the map–you note the “thicker line,” but what about the colors? The station associations? How the maps looks up close as well as from afar? How does one construct a narrative *through* a map?



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